Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Global Week of Education

Today, on 7 May 2014, the Roma children that attend REFLECT project have participated in the activity organized by the Albanian Coalition for Child Education. This activity took place in “Parku Rinia” (Tirana) where children from different schools and communities were invited. This activity was organized in the frame of Global Week of Education, from 4th to 10th of May 2014.  ADRA Albania was represented in this initiate by 12 Roma children of different ages from the city of Fushë -Kruja.
During the program, every child had his/her own white sheet and colours where he/she could express freely their idea about the following topic “Equal Rights for Every Child”. Many of the Roma children (Mandi Dajlani, Adelina Gatali, Santiana Gatali, Orgito Rakipi, Alesio Dajlani) painted a home because for them home is the place where the children can find peace.
Every painting produced by the children of this activity was added to a big poster which will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Sport.  

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