Thursday, 29 May 2014

Celebrating "Festen e Abetares"with the Roma and Albanian children in Fushe Kruja

On the 28th of May 2014, the public school of Fushe-Kruja had organised a celebration event for the children of the first grade who have learned all the 36 letters of the Albanian alphabet. Six Roma children from the Roma Community of Fushe-Kruja and their parents were invited in this activity. Also ADRA education staff was presented during the event. The children had memorised and recited a poem about the alphabet and signed different songs and danced with each other. 

The Roma children performed a poem which they had learned at ADRA centre and also danced the traditional Roma music. The audience were really impressed and applauded and the Roma mothers were very proud of their children.

Unfortunately, the Roma children did not attend the public school regularly during the last year. The hepatitis A incident and the difficulties with the Roma mentality let them miss a lot of classes and so now they are not on the same educational level like the other students.

ADRA education team spoke with the Roma mothers about that and stressed the importance of a regular school attendance. All the Roma mothers agreed with that and understand that it is their responsibility that their children should go to school. Only in this way, they will have the possibility to have better future.

Traditional Roma dances

One Roma girl which attended ADRA centre last year and is now
attending the public school 

Also D. was attending ADRA centre and was yesterday celebrating
with the other Roma and Albanian children at the public school

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