Monday, 24 November 2014

Children’s Week – Celebrating Children’s Rights

20 November marks 25 years since the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the world made a commitment to all its children saying that: “We would do everything in our power to promote and protect their rights”. This Convention is offered and still offers a vision of the world where all children survive and develop to their full potential without discrimination, and are protected, respected and encouraged to participate in decisions that affect their lives. 22 years passed after ratification of Children’s Rights in Albanian legislation. During these years, Albania has made progress in improving the situation of children, yet this area represents many challenges. Every day hundreds of children face exploitation, abuse, violence, neglect and are being exposed to potential risks. To promote children's rights ADRA Albania organized and participated into several activities that had on focus the CHILDREN.
On 17 November 2014, ADRA staff organized an awareness camping with 40 children in the public school “Bakushe Visha” about “Children’s Rights”. During this activity the children pointed out their ideas about their rights and obligations.                                                                                    On 18 of November, ADRA staff participated in two different activities that were organized by UNICEF and Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania – CRCA.  UNICEF invited ADRA Albania in a plenary session led by Ilir Meta (Chairman of the Parliament of the Republic of Albania) in the Albanian parliament, where the youth made their questions and got answers about the future plans for education and child protection programs. The other activity was organized in Tirana International Hotel, were Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania introduced the latest scientific research:                                                          “ALBANIA - Case based surveillance study on violence against children”.                                                                                                              19 November is the World Day for Prevention of Abuse and Violence against Children and ADRA Albania organized an awareness activity in ADRA community centre, focused in the topic of “Children’s Abuse and Rights”. ADRA staff decided to raise the awareness of the Roma and non Roma women that children have rights that adults should respect them. This activity aimed to create a discussion between the Roma and non-Roma mothers regarding their children’s needs and rights. In the end of the discussion all the mothers stood together for one saying: “Love your child because it is your own life”.
On the same day, three Roma children from Fushe Kruja participated in the activity that was organized by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth in collaboration with the Agency for Protection of Children Right. In this activity the children discussed with the Minister of Social Welfare and Youth, the Deputy Minister of Education and Sport and with some representatives of the Albanian parliament about the new budget that the government will approve for addressing the children’s issue. Some of the questions that the children asked were:  We have the right to play but in our community we don’t have a safety environment, could you create a secure place where children can play safety, in our school we don’t have a psychologist or social worker...etc.
20 November was the International Children’s day and ADRA Albanian decided to join the march that was organized from Children's Human Rights Centre of Albania - CRCA for the protection of Children’s Right. In different schools many NGOs and politicians celebrated this day with the children but ADRA staff together with two Roma children and different representatives from the Civil Society decided to march in the main boulevard of Tirana for the protection of Children’s Right under the slogan: “ADRA is walking with the children for their future: RESPECT CHILDREN’S RIGHTS”. Even the Roma children had their own slogan : “We have the right to play but we don’t have were to play, we have the right to speak but no one is listening us, we have many rights but you should make sure that these rights are respected”.

Monday, 3 November 2014

March against Breast Cancer

For the sixth consecutive year, many citizens and civil society activists have marched on the main boulevard "Dëshmorët e Kombit” against breast cancer, a disease that every year is affecting hundred of females. The Breast Cancer Awareness month across the World, helps to increase the attention and the early prevention of this disease since it is the most common spread cancer among women worldwide.
Differently from the other years in this march were present not only people from the government, such as the Minister of Health, American Ambassador and actors from the Civil Society but even 30 Roma women from Fushë Kruja community. These Roma women joined the initiative and marched against breast cancer by wearing pink T-shirts, hats and ribbons. While marching the Roma women and girls were expressing themselves determined to be part of this event and to give their help for this cause. Myzena Muhaxhiri, one of the women who is part of REFLECT project said: “During this month I have heard a lot about breast cancer disease and I wanted to join this march to sensitize all the people about the risk that it has”. 

The march
The deputy minister of education, Roma women and ADRA staff
The speeches at Taiwani after the march

The minister of health, delivering his speech to the audience

All the Roma women together