Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A beautiful day in the Kruja Mountain with the Roma boys

On the 4th of June ADRA education team organized an activity with the young Roma boys that are attending REFLECT project. Together we hiked for two hours the mountain of Kruja until we reached the top of it. The maximum altitude of Kruja Mountain is 1134 m but this altitude didn’t scare us at all. Our team and the young boys took this trip as challenge and began to compete with each other who will reach firstly the top. To encourage this race, our team started to use fanny sentences like “Hey boys I am the solder with a bottle” or “Go Losheee because we are in the end“. 
The time flew as we were involved in interesting conversations and we were having a lot of fun with each other. The path that we passed throw was very difficult but all our challenges were forgotten when we saw the beautiful view at the top of the mountain. From the top of this mountain we sow the whole city of Kruja and her beautiful nature. All the boys were very surprised from this beautiful view; they started to make questions about the sea, the lakes and the mountains that they could see. When we reach the top, we made a picnic with boy where we had fruit juices and sandwiches. 
While ADRA education team was a little bit exhausted, the Roma boys were still full of energy and started to play football. We visited a holy place and rested a little bit to enjoy the beautiful view from the top of the mountain.  After this visit, one of Roma boys named Mario started to sing some traditional Roma songs, he had a very beautiful voice.  While he was singing the other Roma boys clapped their hands and were dancing. Mario told us that he works as a singer in a live club.  

The Roma boys made a lot of fun and jokes and everybody of us noticed how much they enjoyed this day. Already in the age of 16 or 17 the Roma boys are married and they have children. At such young age, they have to struggle with these kinds of responsibilities and to struggle for a normal and decent life due to poverty and poor living conditions. For this reason, ADRA education team wanted to offer a special day to the young Roma men and boys; a day where they can just relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. 

In the end, the Roma boys took the van and went back in their community. All the boys enjoyed the trip to the mountain and it is really important for them that once in a while they can have a day off from their daily problems. In this day they can be and feel what they really are - CHILDREN

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