Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Celebrating Roma Day

For the first time ADRA Albania had organized an event in occasion of “International Roma week“ and “ International Day of Health“ at the George Bush square in Fushë-Kruja.
This event was not only organized to celebrate the International Roma day but also to raise the awareness of Fushë-Kruja citizens toward Roma discrimination in everyday life and to inform them about the heritage and culture of the Roma community.
The event was realized through a close collaboration with Fushë-Kruja municipality, the Regional Directorate of Public Health Kruje, Red Cross and Albanian Community Association.
The citizens were closely acquainted with traditional Roma clothes which were presented by the Roma women at this event. Furthermore the Roma women that attend REFLECT project conveyed an atmosphere of celebration according to their culture and danced traditional Roma music.
A citizen of Fushë-Kruja who was present in the event said: “Today for the first time I noticed that the Roma have a beautiful and unique culture and I hope that this day becomes a tradition for the Fushë-Kruja town”.
Related to its regional project “Love Your Heart”, which is funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Program, ADRA Albania gave some medical advises for a healthy lifestyle.
Some Roma citizens also followed the Red Cross motto “Donate blood, save a life” and they felt really happy that their gesture could save the life of another person.

The event was concluded by a peaceful march from the centre of Fushë-Kruja till to the Roma community, in which participated Roma and non Roma citizens. 

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