Thursday, 30 January 2014

News from Fushe Kruja - the health situation has improved

Two weeks are passed since the Roma Community in Fushe Kruja has been affected by Hepatitis A. Ten children had to be hospitalized and treated for some days at the local public hospital in Kruja. In the last two weeks, the children of the Roma community could not attend the public school because the risk of infection was too high. But after conducting the medical test and receiving the confirmation from the doctors that the risk of infection was eliminated, it is very important that the children continue going to school. Therefore, on Monday, the 27th of January ADRA staff went to Fushe Kruja to visit the Roma Community. ADRA staff of the Reflect project spoke with the parents to convince them to sending their children to school. In the same time, ADRA staff also visited the public school, and spoke and informed the teachers, that the children of the Roma community will continue to attend the school in the upcoming days and that there is no risk of infection anymore. During the lessons with the Roma women at ADRA centre, a team of journalists from the Albanian public television (TVSH) came to make a short report of the health situation of the Roma Community in Fushe Kruja. Rezarta Prence, a member of ADRA staff and social worker of the Reflect Project gave an interview to TVSH in which she described the actual health situation and also the work of ADRA Albania in Fushe Kruja.

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