Thursday, 16 January 2014

Emergency situation in the Roma community of Fushë- Kruja

Since the last days the Roma community in Fushë-Kruja has been affected by an unexpected disease. Some children have been infected with Hepatitis A. The people of the Roma Community use the water from the polluted river which crosses Fushë-Kruja, as well this river serves as garbage dump. Probably the bad hygienic circumstances and the consumption of this water are the reasons for the infection. Currently 10 Roma children are at the public hospital in Kruja, the others are sick but their parents are not sending them at the hospital.

After being informed about this emergency situation, the ADRA Reflect team has visited the community in order to raise awareness about the importance of not consuming the polluted water from the river.  Until now, the Roma community in Fushë Kruja has refused to pay and consume the water from the tab because they don’t want to pay their water bill. After a lively discussion with the Roma community members on Monday, ADRA Reflect Team and the chief of the public water administration has convinced the majority of the Roma people to collect money in order to pay and to consume the tab water for now on.  In the end, the Roma community in Fushë Kruja is more aware about the risks and dangers of polluted water and importance of hygiene.

At the same time, due to the emergency situation created in this community, a team of doctors of the public health department visited the Community to take blood analyses of the children. The infection with Hepatitis A of many of the Roma children during these days will not allow them to attend the public school for the next three weeks. This is a big problem because the children are not able to make up the lessons by themselves and their parents cannot help them. ADRA Reflect Team tried to find a solution in cooperation with the public school. Soon ADRA Albania will conduct an awareness campaign in order re-explain the importance of vaccination.
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