Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Uniting voluntarily the Roma boys to reconstruct their Community Centre in Fushe Kruja

For more than one year the roof of ADRA Community centre in Fushe Kruja has been damaged as a result it was impossible to proceed with a normal implementation of ADRA’ s projects.
This centre has an important role in the integration of Roma community as it creates a place where Roma and non Roma people can interact in social activities, trainings and meetings.
For the reconstruction of this building some Roma boys, regular beneficiaries of REFLECT project were asked to give their help. Volunteering work is important as it contributes to the process of community development; it’s why ADRA team involved these beneficiaries in this process.
Since the Roma boys are not professionals for the roof repair, ADRA negotiated with the municipality of Fushe Kruja in order to have their professional support to guide the boys.
On the 10th of September 2014 these Roma boys and two specialists from the Municipality collaborated together for the reconstruction of the roof.
Through this action ADRA aims to develop the spirit of commitment and volunteering among the Roma boys which reflects the impact of “REFLECT” project. 

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