Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Winter time in Fushë Kruja

It has been 3 weeks that the community of Fushë Kruja is facing a new challenge: the cold winter. While walking down the street in the Roma community on the way to the school, we could see how the families suffer since most of the houses don’t have any heating and people lack warm clothes. Most children who accompany their mothers to schools are still barefooted and if it rains, well, they stay wet all day.

Even though, regardless of these harsh conditions, women keep coming to classes. Even sick, they attend the lessons, willing to learn, and they are always glad to have a few hours to spend together in a warm room.

But what especially motivates them, is the topic of this month. We decided to talk about health, illness prevention and hygiene. And all lessons have great success!

During the first lesson, we discussed how mental, physical and spiritual health are equally important. Each women received a paper with a flower on it, a symbol of health, and each of its petal, represented an important factor of well being.

The following lessons were dedicated to hygiene, which greatly interested the girls. We talked about hygiene related to food, breast feeding, water, house environment, etc. This course was based on Facts For Life manual that you can find on and that we will keep reading and discussing for the following weeks.

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