Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Marcela, 21, Facilitator for the Reflect circle in Fushe Krujë

For those who are familiar with the Reflect method already know that in order to make these adult literacy projects successful, we need facilitators (and if you are not familiar with it, please don't hesitate to visit reflect-action.org!). So during the first week (see previous blogpost), a young lady started helping us and we are beginning training her to become a facilitator for our Reflect program.

Her name is Marcela, she's 21 and she has a 4 years old daughter, Rozalinda. Marcela became a mother at 17, just after her marriage, and she never got the opportunity to go to school and learn reading and writing. She can't write her name, surname or even sign for herself. She understands this is a very big gap she has to fill and that is why she is very motivated in helping us with the other participants and also take care of the school. Every day she waits for us at the front door of the school together with her friends, ready to begin the lesson. Marsela and her husband are both very young and they have the will to change their lives, buy a house, find a job and have another child.

We would like to take here the opportunity to thank Marcela!
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